A kitchen inspired by the superb craftsmanship found in Mexican Vernacular cuisine, complemented by international dishes served in spaces that evoke sumptuous austerity and a seamlessly well-rounded environment. Farm-to-table produce, organically grown ingredients, and local seafood are selected by our chefs every day.




A modern take on Mexican Vernacular Cuisine and international dishes, served alongside the contrast of reflections on the water. An outdoor, yet intimate space intervened by the building’s structure. A combination of traditional flavors composed of local organic products and seafood from the Sea of Cortez, as well as a selection of hand-picked wines ranging from unique, well-priced bottles (including local wines) to exceptional vintages, just right for that special occasion.



Enjoy breakfast or lunch under the shade of Nido, a latticework structure fashioned out of recycled twigs by local craftsmen. Mexican and international cuisine is served at the central communal bar, round table seating, or built-in sofas. Traditional breakfasts include: chilaquiles, ranchero-style eggs, or classic American Pancakes. Our lunch menu features handcrafted sushi, seasonal ceviches, and a selection of seafood fresh from the Sea of Cortez.


Roca (roh-kuh)

A cozy, sunken bar with linear seating providing a view of the horizon in the background and the ever-changing colors of the sky mirrored on reflecting pools. A variety of Mexican and International mixology features cocktails made with freshly cut fruit and natural spirits, to be enjoyed in a circular seating arrangement. Mexican snacks perfect for sharing, inspired by traditional cantinas and surrounded by a selection of modern digital photography on the walls.



Spectacular ocean views from an open terrace, where the ever-changing sunsets can be observed within a subtly lit ambiance. Enjoy a selection of beers, distinctive house cocktails, or wines at shared bar or individual table seating. The open grill offers gourmet snacks from Mexico and around the globe. Nube also proudly presents the best in Singer-Songwriter concerts once a month through our alliance with the Los Angeles music venue Hotel Café.

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Playa (plahy-uh)

Here, hotel guests may enjoy refreshing beverages such as fresh coconuts, snacks and sandwiches from the food truck service at the beach club. Grass, palm trees, sand, and water lead out to the open sea.

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Coco (Koh-koh)

Under the shade of mango trees, Coco is surrounded by mint, rosemary, thyme, sage, kale, and other herbs that comprise the 2,900 square-foot kitchen garden. A variety of 100% natural cold pressed juices, cleanses, salads, and sandwiches can also be enjoyed in the welcoming concrete structure or on the rooftop terrace gardens.


The spa offers a program in tandem with the surrounding architecture. Natural sunlight filters across the continuous ceiling of a 6,550 square-foot indoor space surrounded by water. Here, we seek to slow the pace by offering different massage treatments and personalized aromatherapy programs. Other wellness treatments are also available at different rooms and venues throughout Mar Adentro.



A pleasure jaunt for the body where the sense of smell is stimulated through pre-selected aromatherapy scents and sounds, thanks to a choice selection of exclusive musical compilations ranging from contemporary composers such as Wim Mertens, Johan Johannsen, or John Luther Adams to classical Baroque masters such as Bach, Buxtehude, or Vivaldi. Individual or double cabins with separate dressing spaces and showers.


An indoor, 1080 square-foot space offering Life Fitness equipment, TRX suspension training and space for free movement. Optional tailored workout may be coordinated with the cuisine team, who provide assistance by following up on the client’s needs.


Different venues throughout the resort may be optimized with an optional Yoga training program offered by professional instructors.


Designed for our younger guests, this roomy play area featuring a furniture collection and Magis “Me Too” accessories enables children to experience creativity, sensations, and easy-to-find solutions. Separate areas are designated for: painting, reading, and napping. Children are also accompanied by a professional therapist during peak seasons.


Wraparound water leads from the sea into the heart of the resort. This natural barrier is treated with desalination, inverse osmosis, activated carbon, and UV-ray cleansing processes until it has been purified and distributed throughout the hotel. Mar Adentro is a water sustainable project, offering 100% purified and drinkable water to our guests.


Main Pool

Overlooking the open sea and distant horizon, framed by the surrounding reflecting pools. Cool your body inside an open-sky oval filled with water. Enjoy the sun on individual, custom-made, solid teak sun lounges that can be transformed into private shade shelters.


Encompassed by grass, palm trees, sand, and water, this 40,000 square-foot beach club serves fresh coconuts and other natural refreshments from our food truck kitchen. Individual built-in sunbeds are shaded by architecturally sound structures. Further out, enjoy chaise, umbrella, and towel service over a 68,000 square-foot beach area that stretches to the edge of the sea.

Garden Terrace

Cooled by fresh cross-breezes from the Pacific, experience atop each building a roomy, 3550 square-foot garden terrace with broad ocean views surrounded by vegetation. Pool, kitchen/bar area, and an ample wood deck with built-in sunbeds and individual daybeds are provided to make each guest feel comfortable.